This NSF funded project commissioned by Michael Rossmann provided a unique look into the infection process of the T4 into E.coli. The T4 model was built utilizing the latest Cryo-Electron Microscopy datasets, and animated in strict accordance with the latest research papers. Seyet worked closely with Michael Rossmann, Petr Leiman, and the Rossmann lab to ensure this animation gave a clear and accurate snapshot of current T4 knowledge. This hard work resulted in 120,000 downloads just from the Seyet and NSF website in less than eight months. Additionally, this animation was publicized around the world by Scientific American, Discover, MSNBC, USA Today, and many others.

Project Name:
Bacteriophage T4

Michael Rossmann, Ph.D., Purdue University

…the infection process is not a still picture – it's a story, We knew we needed to see more than one scene in that story if we were ever to understand its full meaning.

Michael Rossmann, Ph.D.
Hanley Professor of Biological Sciences
Purdue University

This movie gives us an amazing look at how this virus -- it's really a nanomachine -- does its work.

Parag Chitnis
Program Director, Molecular Biochemistry
National Science Foundation